• Inspiring positive changes and instilling stability with strategies & skills based on sound business growth principles and neuroscience.  
  • 100's of tools & techniques that are matched with each unique brain, organization, situation, lifestyle, hard-wired habits & time restraints. 
  • Neuro-Fitness Training ©, skills, drills and instruction to improve management of physical, mental & emotional stress.
  • Emotional intelligence training delivered in ways that are understood and practiced.
  • Facilitating personal & professional vision planning.
  • "Driving Lessons" to better operate & improve our neurology for higher performance: mentally, physically & socially.
  • Outdoor Activities for rediscovering grit, to connect with our best selves in beautiful places; to practice newly learned brain skills and for relationship building.
  • Mindfulness and other forms of brain strengthening training. 
  • Building skills to maximize intelligence and to mitigate weaknesses.
  • Identifying brain patterns-both positive and destructive in nature-drills and homework to rewire & rebuild.  
  • Frameworks and brain hacks that help to settle or to prepare the brain for intense or demanding situations.  
  • Helping to hold individuals accountable to behaviors that need changing.
  • ​Neuro-wellness & neuro-diversity coaching.
  • ​Holding individual or company information in complete confidence.


Pamela, our lead Executive & Brain Fitness Coach, can be teamed up with other respected leaders in the field of neuroscience, wellness, psychology, spirituality or business. 

Contact her to brainstorm over possibilities!  pamela@allphasemanagement.com or call (206) 660-7146

Client Endorsement for an Adventure Retreat:

“During my visit to the “ranch” I immediately felt at ease in Pamela’s calming, supportive presence and being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty of the mountains and desert. Having a comfortable, private space to retreat to helped me to feel safe in facing some of my most challenging and emotionally-charged struggles, under Pamela’s skillful and compassionate guidance. My short stay was enormously productive and a whole lot of fun, with exactly the right balance of work, play and rest. Over my short stay, Pamela guided me to recognize my strength to face hard situations and I walked away feeling a new sense of clarity, ease and confidence. We celebrated my courage to work through these challenges and my new discoveries by going out to play! There were many options to choose from. I cannot believe that in just three days, I worked through difficult personal challenges and was also to hike with Pamela through the desert, stargaze from a hot tub, hunt for rocks, play my very first round of golf, swim and sunbathe, and top it off with a wild off-roading adventure in the mountains! For me, this was an ideal balance of work, play and rest, and I came home refreshed and energized.”  Carrie, CEO, private workshop

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OUTDOORS can be a fantastic playground for team building or putting newly learned Neuro-fitness skills to the test!  Visit the Adventure Retreats & the Coaches Blog if this is in line with you!  

Mountains; canyons; on horseback; on the golf course or via an off road adrenaline managing challenge!   

Hiking; climbing; mountaineering; kayaking; rock hounding; pickleball; golf; meditation; yoga; and more can all be combined into workshops that puts learned lessons & skills to the test & can make team building the best.  

Pamela's Coaching/Leadership STRENGTHS:

  • Ex-Tech President/CEO, telecommunications engineer, founder of several companies, chairman, speaker, published.
  • A professional mental athlete and Problem Trailblazer.  Experienced outdoor explorer, hiker & golf enthusiast.
  • Gifted strategist, known for leveraging the strengths in organizations & individuals, making change and growth easier.​
  • Extensive tools bag & strategies for managing personal and professional challenges.
  • Stress management skills in a multi faceted holistic wellness approach: "8 pillars of neuro-wellness"
  • ​Quickly sees patterns to facilitate improvements in personal and professional situations.   
  • Proven revitalizer for company culture and teams.
  • Finder of creative solutions to make difficult shifts easier.  ​
  • A trusted sounding board and stress reducer during all phases of personal and professional life. 
  • An intuitive bridge between different thinkers- in the workplace, at home or in board meetings.  
  • A lifetime of mastering and mentoring neurological & health challenges within herself and within many others! 


  • Zoom Consults
  • In person
  • Events/Workshops
  • Social Groups
  • Adventure Retreats ​