“I can attest to Pamela’s humanness and compassion.  It is her life experience that has made her an exceptional guide.  She also has a broad experience base as she has owned her own successful businesses and has worked, for years, as a business strategy consultant.  I have worked with Pamela over the last 13 years, at key transitions in my life, and she has helped me to change my life in ways I never dreamed possible!  I learned to step back and rest in the awareness of what was occurring in my life and to welcome, not only a change in perspective, but also to consider goals and solutions that were not apparent to me. I learned to acknowledge and manage the energy drains, anxiety and fears that typically come with big change but make achievements and successes elusive.  Pamela has helped me to tap into my body’s wisdom and to recognize when to use the numerous tools she has given me.  Her sessions will ground you and allow you to connect with your inner resources!

I lovingly urge you to take that leap!  Pamela has very strong integrity and unwavering passion for helping others. She is uniquely able to distill what you share into valuable, credible insights and she is relentlessly positive, even when helping you to identify and mitigate negative aspects!  You will not only leave your workshop refreshed and revitalized but you will also come away with tools based on your personal strengths, gifts and needs as well as strategies and the next steps necessary to transform your life!”
  KP: Occupational Therapist


Coaching/Cultivating Positive Growth

Contact: Pamela@AllPhaseManagement.com  or (206) 660-7146

to schedule a complimentary phone consult.

  • One-on-one , within a team and group workshops.
  • Helping define the core challenges and stressors in work and in life.
  • Vision planning. 
  • Identifying patterns-both positive and destructive in nature.  
  • Identify the natural gifts and strengths in individuals so that these may be leveraged-helping you to see yourself better.
  • Provide tools that potentially reduces stress and makes achievements and successes easier. 
  • Highlighting negative aspects and helping to mitigate them in a way that makes sense for the individual.
  • Holding the relationship and its details in complete confidence.   
  • Serving as a situational and personal truth mirror, to see something from all angles.  The good, the bad and the ugly. 
  • Helping to hold a person accountable to behaviors that need changing.
  • Creatively provide tools to help make change easier.
  • Tested and proven tools and perspectives to reduce stress and to improve EQ (Emotional Intelligence). 

How this happens:

The process of serving as a personal cultivator to an individual can be as unique as the individual.  It depends on you, your schedule and the goals that are brought into the mix.  (A dream job or position, a life partner, less stress, seeking a purposeful life, or more joy, ease and happiness ) 

The location of my consults and coaching are also unique to the individual.  We need to bond in ways that brings out the many facets of you.   For past clients, it has happened at their office, in the fitness room, at workshops, during a hike and over campfires.....and the list goes on....while lounging at a pool, at Starbucks, over a good meal or while golfing, but mostly, over the phone with weekly appointments and by email.   Time or distance may be an obstacle for some, so phone conversations or emails are often an important medium for connections.   I have recently added an office near Phoenix Arizona that serves as a perfect location for extended stay coaching or group workshops, especially during the winter months!.  Its resort-like amenities and abundant beauty makes it a great location for work and play.

In a nutshell, we talk, text, laugh, do things together and sometimes cry, which allows me to get to know you and to allow me to see all the wonderful layers that make you human.  How does this typically happen for new clients?

We connect:

  • Paperwork first.  There is an intake form, confidentiality agreement and a complimentary consult to see if we are a match.
  • I hear your goals, your struggles, personally, professionally and medically. You are not judged.
  • You trust me.  Your secrets are safe with me, never shared.
  • I fact gather, seek patterns, extract data.  Seek out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • We work and hopefully mix some play in there to help facilitate me seeing all facets of you.
  • I serve as a truth mirror, helping you to see parts of yourself in a new perspective-The great, the good, the not so good.
  • I provide reality checks to your dreams and life situations that pop up during our relationship together. 
  • You get homework to help facilitate positive change and to reduce stress.
  • You begin to understand your story better, see a bigger picture,and how you fit into it.
  • I help you climb over the tough spots with tools and perspectives and we both get to see the positive changes within you. 
  • We both grow to be better people and learn from each other.
  • You value and respect my time and I value and respect yours.  I am 100% present with you during our time together.  
  • A sexual relationship is never part of our very intimate relationship.