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“We are blessed to have a relationship with Management Coach, Pamela Kluth. 
Pamela has helped us to work through many challenges through the years.  Thankfully her schedule has opened so she will be coming in to assist us once again.  She is familiar with our company, [our] merger and is incredibly gifted at working through complex business issues and stress reduction.”

Managing Director for WA, AK, OR, CA locations 



“As a business owner, I’ve worked with Pamela over the years on developing my business strategy and have been amazed at how right-on her guidance has been. Pamela has a unique ability to attune to any situation, see deeper layers of truth in it, and identify a path to success. Most importantly, she crafts a plan of action that aligns with my particular strengths and challenges, and anticipates where I might get stuck. I’ve learned to fully trust in Pamela’s guidance now, even when I’m not sure I agree with her, because somehow it turns out to be exactly the right thing to do. She has saved my company more than once with her intuitive guidance and savvy advice. 

As owner of a growing business, I tend to become “stuck” when the drama and problems of daily business operations become all-consuming. Over the years, I have called on Pamela to re-adjust my vision for the company and develop a business plan that aligns with my vision. She is the person I call when I get “stuck.” Pamela’s intuitiveness, wisdom and business savvy have been a tremendous resource for me in my path to success in the business world. 

I highly recommend Pamela as a guide, coach, and partner in growth. She is very quickly able to tune in and “know” a person, and from this place of knowing, she skillfully co-creates an environment of safety and ease with each person she works with, a safe place and space in time in which growth happens naturally. Pamela draws from a vast range of tools to personalize the growth experience. She remains deeply attuned and quickly makes adjustments to ensure a powerful growth experience for each person."  Carrie-WA