Corporate Example:

 Ei/ EQ Workshop:  Minimizing stress and maximizing potentials.

“Improving Ei”, is a 2-part (10 hours total) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop, designed to help improve capacities that can lead to higher functioning personally and professionally by delivering tools and perspectives to attendees that facilitates better management of negative stress within themselves and others.   Feedback from those attending have been 100% positive at every level with “notable improvements to facilitate positive shifts in individuals, and corporate culture".  (See more quotes from past attendees at bottom of the page)

This workshop combines neurological science with "tales from the trenches" and delivers practical tools, designed to help individuals see the many facets of themselves and others through a new lens that has the capacity to make good leaders even better leaders. Team players walk away with skills that can facilitate more understanding and more patience for those they work and co-create with.  The perspectives, tools and exercises are designed to have attendees using strategic ways to bring out the best in themselves and those connected to them professionally and personally. 

This event can be held at your workplace or at an alternative retreat location.  The Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club, located 76 miles northwest of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (AZ) is highly recommended, especially in the winter months!  This beautiful rural desert location hosts stunning views of Vulture Peak and the Weaver Mountains during the day and star-filled skies at night. **  Two award winning golf courses are also located here.

This workshop can be delivered individually or in small teams, but the smaller the group, the better conditions are to allow more intimate connections and personalized walkaways.

“Attend to gain more capacity to help others, but be prepared to positively change yourself for the better!”

Consider bringing your Executives, Managers and Team members off site for learning and team building opportunities in beautiful Wickenburg Arizona! .


What past attendees are saying” 

"Although there are many tools for addressing stress, this was most powerful for me because I was able to see some toxic patterns in my life that I had not noticed before and connect with my source of strength. I returned to my high-stress job with greater trust in myself and was able to manage my staff in a more thoughtful, compassionate way. Miraculously, the conflicts melted away and I found it quite funny to recognize that my internal emotional intensity about these external problems was 90% of the problem! When I shifted my perspective on these situations, not only did the stress disappear but people responded to me better, problems were far less important, and I was able to become excited and energized about my vision for my company. Progress in my business has accelerated since I let go of my own conflict. The most useful gifts I walked away with was this self-knowledge, confidence and greater clarity about what I wanted. What I want to achieve now seems easier and within my reach. Drawing from my experience with Pamela and using her insights and strategies, my growth in these areas has continued. I am more easily able to find my strength to face hard things." Founder & Executive Director of an Autistic Therapy Center

“I attended Pamela's workshop in mid-March at a time when I was experiencing high stress and anxiety that was becoming overwhelming for me.  Pamela's warm and empathetic style immediately creates a trust necessary to open up the lines of communication, and that is where the true work begins. Through powerful conversation, she shared with me coping skills to handle challenging situations. By implementing these skills I can step back from a situation, take a deep breath, gain focus, and prioritize what is truly important and let the "little stuff" go.  The serene beauty of the venue itself is a perfect backdrop for the incredible experience Pamela has created for her clients.”  Rod 

“Your work with Pamela will occur in the most incredible environment!  Striking beauty of the southwest in a serene, rural setting.  Abundant, beautiful nature, clear skies and open spaces!  There are many opportunities for revitalizing leisure activities that will help you to recognize the value of learning to and experience the benefits of balancing play with productivity for facilitating lasting personal and/or professional life changes” C.S., LMHC