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Pamela Kluth, 2021 on the PCT

Looking for an EPIC place for us to hold your retreat? Check this place out!!! 

​​​​​​​​CHOICE #2: Near Phoenix Arizona, in the Western town of Wickenburg.  Where sunshine prevails and mild temperatures exist in Winter!  

Stay in a luxury Casita, or at the resort/golf course; "Los Caballero". (The Cowboy) 

Offered Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June

Contact us to customize 
an experiential learning retreat or leadership workshop!

“Your work with Pamela will occur in the most incredible environment!  Striking beauty of the southwest in a serene, rural setting.  Abundant, beautiful nature, clear skies and open spaces!  There are many opportunities for revitalizing leisure activities that will help you to recognize the value of learning to and experience the benefits of balancing play with productivity for facilitating lasting personal and/or professional life changes” C.S., LMHC

Visit  Pamela's 2022 Retreat Blog to see retreat activity examples.


Adventure High-Performance Retreats ©  Logistics

Two locations which host unique adventures and healthy meal options.

CHOICE #1: Near Seattle Washington, on the famous PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) or next to Mount Rainier.

Stay in a luxury yurt, a rustic lodge or in a tent on the PCT.

Offered July, Aug., Sept.

“I attended Pamela's workshop in mid-March at a time when I was experiencing high stress and anxiety that was becoming overwhelming for me.  Pamela's warm and empathetic style immediately creates a trust necessary to open up the lines of communication, and that is where the true work begins. Through powerful conversation, she shared with me coping skills to handle challenging situations. By implementing these skills I can step back from a situation, take a deep breath, gain focus, and prioritize what is truly important and let the "little stuff" go.  The serene beauty of the venue itself is a perfect backdrop for the incredible experience Pamela has created for her clients.”  Rod 

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Adventure Retreats ©  are customized.  One example is below- More ideas can be found on the Coaches Blog.  

This High-Performance Workshop is NOT your typical coaching sessions or the dreaded; “Let’s bond the team workshop”. 

Oh no, not at all!  It’s a:

Rediscover Your Grit
Managing your Shift
Getting the Brain Fit


For an individual, groups, families or teams.  You'll arrive with a back pack, and learn how to pack it full with stress management tools and brain skills, designed to make brains mentally and intellectually stronger!   And yes, there will be bonding....... 

Bonding with your brain; bonding with concepts to make your future challenges more manageable and learning how to make more authentic bonds with those around you. 

How does this happen?

Pamela, an Executive & UnStressing Coach packs in:

Stellar brain skills.   
Body-brain awareness drills.   Instruction

for managing mental, emotional and physical brain stressors.


Newly acquired brain management tools & skills are put to the test with experiential learning

​with many options to choose from: 

> Off-Road Exploring in an airconditioned Range Rover or in an open ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)
> Hike a slot Canyon & put your feet in a natural warm-springs
> Rock scrambling/climb
> “Pack a tent” into the mountains on a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, AKA The PCT!
> Crystal/Mineral hunting
> Horse back riding
> Campfire with real cowboys or firepit with your coach
> Pickleball/tennis

> Yes, Golf! A top course, to be played with a freshly tuned-in & focused, stellar state of mind!
> Pool/hot tub/star gazing.
> And more… get the idea.