UPCOMING Brain Fitness Masterclasses:
November 23rd; 5:00 pm-8:00 pm: 
(1) “Mastering Stress -->Staying in the Zone” held at the Wickenburg (AZ) Ranch Golf & Social Club
November 24th 10:00 am-1:00 pm: (2) "Mitigating Fear” held at the Wickenburg (AZ) Ranch Golf & Social Club

Private Workshop Example:  Purposeful living:  Creating a framework for a happier and more successful life.

This workshop is designed to help individuals better see and understand the many facets of who they are in order to facilitate more joy and purposeful living.   Tools and perspectives are provided to deliver applicable insight and achievable means to help individuals create a framework within them that leverages their strengths and mitigates weaknesses unique to each individual.  This process of looking at all the pieces that comprises the whole, is a strategic approach that is the basis of creating a more solid framework designed for navigating life with more ease and joy.

Pamela’s approach also brings awareness and tools to better navigate the many life stressors that affect the body, mind and our quality of life both positively and negatively.  These approaches can help improve capacities that can lead to higher functioning and more happiness, versus a contrasting state of discomfort, anger, lack of motivation, fear or suffering.    She also weaves a honed intuition within a colorful cloth of experience used for self-regulating her own challenged nervous system which becomes invaluable to those desiring change from destructive patterns and pains of the past.     Expected walkaways include healthier and easier life style hacks; stress management tools, vision planning skills; and goal setting. This three-day, three-night workshop, is based on the executive management concepts in Pamela’s upcoming books; “A Door into Managing Stress” and “A Door into Autism”.  

Private Workshop Example: Improving Stress Management.
This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the escalation and accumulation of unhealthy stress within the nervous system and Combines science with intuitive, customized offerings of tools and perspectives to help guide and facilitate higher self-management for a wide spectrum neurological struggles..  

Pamela’s approach brings useful perspective into how stress not only affects the body and mind, but how better management of the nervous system can lead to higher functioning and more joy, versus a contrasting state of discomfort, dis-ease, or suffering.    Her tools for management are diverse, but are essential for helping to facilitate awareness and mindfulness, both essential tools for facilitating positive change.  Pamela also weaves her honed intuition within a colorful cloth of experience used for self-regulating her own challenged nervous system which becomes invaluable to those desiring change from destructive patterns and pains of the past.     

This two-day, one-night workshop, with an option for additional nights, is based on the stress management concepts in Pamela’s upcoming book; “A Door into Managing Stress”.  

“Pamela has a unique gift for telling the truth—holding up a mirror to help a person see their beauty, strength, their challenges obstacles, and she becomes a partner in clarifying the path to becoming free from “stuckness” and obstacles. As a psychotherapist, I have personally experimented with many growth-oriented and stress management strategies over the years. Although I have felt that I know myself fairly well, I was surprised at how powerful this short stay with Pamela was for me. Being in Pamela’s presence felt like being bathed in kindness, joy and unconditional acceptance. I could do nothing “wrong” and I felt always in control of choosing what I needed for myself. Pamela’s attunement and responsiveness to my needs made it natural for me to trust her to guide me into the areas of my life that I struggle with. Under her care, I had the experience of being fully “seen” and known, which allowed me touch a deeper, more meaningful part of myself. Looking at the good, the bad and the ugly together with Pamela resulted in a deeper knowing of myself. I walked away with a burden lifted and feeling a greater sense of freedom, joy, and ease. I felt that I was in control of the process, even during moments of pain and challenge, and left with a plan of action, a fresh view on my circumstances and the confidence to pursue my goals."  Business owner, LMHC


“During my visit to the “ranch” I immediately felt at ease in Pamela’s calming, supportive presence and being surrounded by spectacular natural beauty of the mountains and desert. Having a comfortable, private space to retreat to helped me to feel safe in facing some of my most challenging and emotionally-charged struggles, under Pamela’s skillful and compassionate guidance. My short stay was enormously productive and a whole lot of fun, with exactly the right balance of work, play and rest. Over my short stay, Pamela guided me to recognize my strength to face hard situations and I walked away feeling a new sense of clarity, ease and confidence. We celebrated my courage to work through these challenges and my new discoveries by going out to play! There were many options to choose from. I cannot believe that in just three days, I worked through difficult personal challenges and was also to hike with Pamela through the desert, stargaze from a hot tub, hunt for rocks, play my very first round of golf, swim and sunbathe, and top it off with a wild off-roading adventure in the mountains! For me, this was an ideal balance of work, play and rest, and I came home refreshed and energized.”  Carrie-(private workshop)

Workshops listed below are great for small groups or individuals! These are typically customized to the needs identified in your intake form and during the complimentary interview process.  


(1) "Mastering Stress--> Staying in the Zone”     Saturday, November 23rd; 5:00-8:00pm

Join Pamela at the Wickenburg (AZ) Ranch Golf & Social Club for a Brain Fitness masterclass that combines science with solid, practical approaches that can help manage nervous systems to the Nth degree in all aspects of life.
Whether you or someone you know is seeking insight, tools or perspectives to manage stress, anxiety or high-pressure situations better, this motivational class should bring momentum in the right direction.   Pamela Kluth, a diagnosed autistic, thrives on helping to bring out the highest functioning capacities and performance in people and within organizations.

This pre-holiday presentation delivers a stress management tool that will never have you looking at stress the same way again!  Join this small intimate group for an informative and entertaining night out!

Space is limited, so reserve your seat soon!  Contact Pamela@allphasemanagement.com  or reserve at  Cost: $50 & includes food!!

(2) “Mitigating Fear”**     Sunday, November 24th; 10:00am-1:00pm

Join Pamela at the Wickenburg (AZ) Ranch Golf & Social Club for another informative Brain Fitness Masterclass entitled; “Mitigating Fear”.  This is a topic many people give little thought about, yet fear can be a major destructive element to our health and ability to fully move through life with more ease and happiness.   Fear can even negatively affect our athletic performance!   Recognizing, addressing and moving fear out of some aspects of our lives can be key to breaking destructive patterns, and essential to performing at the top of our game in all areas of our life.   
This small masterclass is designed to bring forth more understanding and practical tools to help facilitate a happier, healthier, higher performing you. 

Space is limited, so reserve your seat soon!  Pamela@allphasemanagement.com (Registration opens November 7) Cost: $50 & includes food!!
**Knowledge of Pamela’s  “Staying in the Zone” stress management tool is highly recommended as a prerequisite to this workshop.


The Brain Fitness Masterclasses are a series of workshops that are designed to help facilitate positive changes within the brain and nervous system. Presented by Pamela Kluth, these mind enriching classes combine science with colorful stories and perspectives that result in a visual tapestry to allow complex topics to be better conceptualized and managed with practical tools.   Every class also contains valuable participant  Q & A time that allow real-world situations to be addressed with possible approaches that are almost always applicable to others attending.  

Pamela’s approaches are based on the accumulative knowledge and experiences that she procured throughout her lifetime while working to master her autism and other severe life and near death neurological and physical struggles.  With a passion for life, Pamela is on a mission to help facilitate positive changes in those that are ready to move past some of the neurological and physical challenges that can get in the way of living life to the fullest.  Her skills as a Corporate Change Agent and Executive Coach, are a natural fit for those that are ready for positive shifts and for those wanting to make the most out of the moments they have left!

“Mastering Stress --> Staying in the Zone” is to be held November 23rd, 2019 in Wickenburg AZ.  If you miss this Masterclass, it will be repeated at another later venue and will also be offered on-line, as this class delivers an approach that Pamela believes is an essential “Critical skill” for managing stress, anxiety, pain and many shifts that can reduce our capacities.  This first class is recommended before students launch into her subsequent mastermind classes.   “Mastering Stress -->Staying in the Zone” also helps bring awareness for how our nervous system works and what parts we can change or control.  This class is for anyone seeking higher functioning or for those seeking more ways to manage shifts for others around them. This first class in the Brain Fitness Masterclass series may forever change how you look at and manage stress in the future!

All of Pamela’s Brain Fitness classes are designed to address layers of stressors that can negatively affect the nervous system, and she selectively focuses on some of the larger, critical elements of our overall wellness.  She passionately brings forth valuable information for the areas that can bog us down to help free up brain capacity that can be applied to other areas of life.  Although she is a fan of meditation, yoga and many other known therapeutic techniques to reduce stress, she knows these are not always applicable based on the individual’s abilities or the source of struggles, so her recommendations are not typically based on the common or trendy, but on first hand experiences for herself or others she has assisted.  Students often look forward to the intuitive homework that allows them to leverage their unique strengths, so they may mitigate difficult circumstances that are also unique in their life and potentially unique to their own brain wiring/capacities. 

Join Pamela and other like-minded individuals; delight in the social heart connections that take place at her workshops, but be prepared to walk away with insight that will likely change the lens of how you look at managing your nervous system in the future.

** Each Masterclass strategically builds upon the next, designed to allow individuals time in between classes to practice some of the concepts and tools, and to prepare themselves for more actions that can lead to better and greater capacities   If you have any interest in attending her line up of classes, be sure to attend her first in the Brain Fitness series (Staying in the Zone), as it builds an essential platform of knowledge for future classes!  
(Read endorsements from past workshop attendees located below and throughout her web site! )