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"Pamela entered my life as a divine appointment. Its amazing when we start to really look into the "mirror" at our "stuff" its only then we can take control of our life and no one else's.  We all have our challenges to navigate in this lifetime. Pamela has provided the tools to get me in a much better head space. Self reflection can be a beautiful thing.  Pamela has a passion for helping others become their best self. She genuinely sees me as a unique special person who does try to be the best I can be.  Pamela is truly the most uplifting, compassionate, empathetic and positive person I have come across. It truly is a gift of hers, among many.  She loves to share her gifts!"  DF  

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Another Client Endorsement for Coach Pamela: 

“I can attest to Pamela’s humanness and compassion.  It is her life experience that has made her an exceptional guide.  She also has a broad experience base as she has owned her own successful businesses and has worked, for years, as a business strategy consultant.  I have worked with Pamela over the last 13 years, at key transitions in my life, and she has helped me to change my life in ways I never dreamed possible!  I learned to step back and rest in the awareness of what was occurring in my life and to welcome, not only a change in perspective, but also to consider goals and solutions that were not apparent to me. I learned to acknowledge and manage the energy drains, anxiety and fears that typically come with big change but make achievements and successes elusive.  Pamela has helped me to tap into my body’s wisdom and to recognize when to use the numerous tools she has given me.  Her sessions will ground you and allow you to connect with your inner resources!

I lovingly urge you to take that leap!  Pamela has very strong integrity and unwavering passion for helping others. She is uniquely able to distill what you share into valuable, credible insights and she is relentlessly positive, even when helping you to identify and mitigate negative aspects!  You will not only leave your workshop refreshed and revitalized but you will also come away with tools based on your personal strengths, gifts and needs as well as strategies and the next steps necessary to transform your life!”
  KP: Occupational Therapist


“Pamela has a unique gift for telling the truth—holding up a mirror to help a person see their beauty, strength, their challenges obstacles, and she becomes a partner in clarifying the path to becoming free from “stuckness” and obstacles. As a psychotherapist, I have personally experimented with many growth-oriented and stress management strategies over the years. Although I have felt that I know myself fairly well, I was surprised at how powerful this short stay with Pamela was for me.

Being in Pamela’s presence felt like being bathed in kindness, joy and unconditional acceptance. I could do nothing “wrong” and I felt always in control of choosing what I needed for myself. Pamela’s attunement and responsiveness to my needs made it natural for me to trust her to guide me into the areas of my life that I struggle with. Under her care, I had the experience of being fully “seen” and known, which allowed me touch a deeper, more meaningful part of myself. Looking at the good, the bad and the ugly together with Pamela resulted in a deeper knowing of myself. I walked away with a burden lifted and feeling a greater sense of freedom, joy, and ease. I felt that I was in control of the process, even during moments of pain and challenge, and left with a plan of action, a fresh view on my circumstances and the confidence to pursue my goals."    C.S., CEO of an Autistic Therapy Center

​"Pamela not only teaches stress management,  she lives it. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Her life experience and knowledge of managing stress and external triggers, gives her 
much credibility .  While we play and spend time together, there is teaching and learning going on with lightness and informative information.  Information that can be used to immediately make changes to alleviate stress and anxiety.
Pamela has been a mentor to me since we met 9 years ago, and I still learn so much when we spend time together. Thank you, Pamela.  I have so much gratitude for knowing you."   D.G.


"Although there are many tools for addressing stress, this was most powerful for me because I was able to see some toxic patterns in my life that I had not noticed before and connect with my source of strength. I returned to my high-stress job with greater trust in myself and was able to manage my staff in a more thoughtful, compassionate way. Miraculously, the conflicts melted away and I found it quite funny to recognize that my internal emotional intensity about these external problems was 90% of the problem! When I shifted my perspective on these situations, not only did the stress disappear but people responded to me better, problems were far less important, and I was able to become excited and energized about my vision for my company.

Progress in my business has accelerated since I let go of my own conflict. The most useful gifts I walked away with was this self-knowledge, confidence and greater clarity about what I wanted. What I want to achieve now seems easier and within my reach. Drawing from my experience with Pamela and using her insights and strategies, my growth in these areas has continued. I am more easily able to find my strength to face hard things." 

WA Business owner

And from some "Younger, future leaders"...........................

"When I first visited with Pamela, I was immediately in awe of the kindness and positivity that seemed to radiate off of her. Pamela has a way of understanding you even before you begin talking to her. During the days spent with her, I experienced a high level of hospitality. No matter how long you’ve known her, Pamela will treat, feed and house you like you are her best friend. 
Moving on to the activity side of things, the adventures Pamela sets up for you to enjoy are immaculate. I truly felt like a kid again the whole weekend I spent with her. Whether it was hiking through hills, crystal hunting or horseback riding, each activity healed me in a different way. The days I spent with her helped me to find myself again. 

No matter where you are in life, I highly recommend slowing down and indulging in must-needed Pamela time. She is a woman of many talents, wits and stories, and I promise you that you will leave with a pep in your step. 
Thank you, Pamela, for guiding me back to myself!"   KS, College Student, age 22

Excellence. If you are looking for an experience that embodies excellence, this is going to be the experience for you. Pamela is truly one of a kind. You won’t be able to find her techniques, her skills, her professionalism and her level of care anywhere else. I personally was only able to be with Pamela for approximately three days, but that didn’t in any way shape or form limit her ability to fully assess my needs/areas of growth to become my best self and being able to shine light on the tools I possess in order to be to do so.

During this process, Pamela helped me to feel comfortable in the unknown. I have been personally battling with making specific career decisions, and Pamela was able to guide me towards the pros and cons to make the best decision possible for myself moving forward. As you can imagine, this tends to be a stressful process for me. However, Pamela knows exactly how to address stress and manage it. Pamela is able to gauge her clients and make them aware of how stress can be handled properly for each individual based off their strengths and weaknesses. She will tailor everything to you and how you function, so no need to change anything about yourself before you get here because Pamela will meet you where you’re at and help you be the BEST YOU. Get out there as fast as you can; it’s beyond worth it!       MS; physical therapist, age 27