Client Endorsement: 

“I can attest to Pamela’s humanness and compassion.  It is her life experience that has made her an exceptional guide.  She also has a broad experience base as she has owned her own successful businesses and has worked, for years, as a business strategy consultant.  I have worked with Pamela over the last 13 years, at key transitions in my life, and she has helped me to change my life in ways I never dreamed possible!  I learned to step back and rest in the awareness of what was occurring in my life and to welcome, not only a change in perspective, but also to consider goals and solutions that were not apparent to me. I learned to acknowledge and manage the energy drains, anxiety and fears that typically come with big change but make achievements and successes elusive.  Pamela has helped me to tap into my body’s wisdom and to recognize when to use the numerous tools she has given me.  Her sessions will ground you and allow you to connect with your inner resources!

I lovingly urge you to take that leap!  Pamela has very strong integrity and unwavering passion for helping others. She is uniquely able to distill what you share into valuable, credible insights and she is relentlessly positive, even when helping you to identify and mitigate negative aspects!  You will not only leave your workshop refreshed and revitalized but you will also come away with tools based on your personal strengths, gifts and needs as well as strategies and the next steps necessary to transform your life!”
  KP: Occupational Therapist

  • Trainer & Life Strategist
    • Autism & Sensory Consultant 
    • Ei / EQ & Stress Training & Workshops
  • Board Member​


  • A lifetime of managing neurological & health challenges within self and within others. 
  • Ex-technology leader, founder of several companies, advisor and strategist to a broad spectrum of thinkers.
  • Seeing and witnessing the gifts/strengths in individuals.
  • An intuitive bridge between different thinkers-whether its in the workplace, at home, or in board meetings. 
  • Strategic tools for positive change -Many brain hacks and frameworks to navigate change with more ease.    
  • Seeing patterns and helping to facilitate personal and professional improvements.   
  • Increasing "Ei" or emotional intelligence, to allow good leaders to be better leaders, and to remedy conflicts within teams and           individuals.    
  • Helping to develop or revitalize company culture, serving as a confidential sounding board to identify destructive patterns or threats that need attention.  Finding resolution or creative solutions to make positive shifts happen.  ​
  • A trusted sounding board and stress reducer during all phases of personal and professional life.  

Leveraging Strengths to help facilitate positive change within individuals & Organizations