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From a corporate executive: "I was blessed to meet Pamela randomly while camping and felt immediately that it was not a coincidence that we met. I was at a turning point in my life and desperately in need of direction and compassion which Pamela offered to me, a complete stranger. I soon discovered her gift of intuition, warmth and wisdom and was guided gently and with much love to share my struggles and pain in a way that felt incredibly freeing.

I had the incredible opportunity of traveling to her beautiful and welcoming facility where I stayed for three days learning, healing and growing as a person while sharing outdoor activities with her and other members of her Wellness Group. As a business owner, I focused on the mechanics of our industry but struggled with the personal dynamics; in particular the energy that I brought into our organization and the relationship between the partners. Emotional intelligence is not just a catch phrase. That skill or lack thereof can truly make or break those relationships both personally and professionally.  I wish I had met Pamela sooner and learned these skills at a younger age but am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Pamela is truly has an incredible gift and her vast experience in business and personal relationships is invaluable.

I would encourage anyone who has considered the benefit of investing in themselves as an individual, couple, or business owner (or all of the above) to take advantage of this opportunity to grow, learn, heal and reset with Pamela as a coach and mentor. It is truly time well spent and the results can be life changing and professionally lucrative as well. The stress management skills alone could be lifesaving. You owe it to yourself to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be and All Phase Management is an incredible company run by a truly gifted woman.  KS., CFO of  a WA corporation


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